A New Beginning

Before this blog moves forward, we would be remiss not to mention what has transpired since the disenchanted 2011 season came to a close.  The Chicago Cubs as a team and organization took a giant step forward in not only changing the direction of the club, but the culture as well.

The Cubs new President of Baseball Operations

On October 25, 2011 the Chicago Cubs named a new President of Baseball Operations, none other than Boston GM Theo Epstein.  Talk about making a splash, and for once, it actually makes sense because it’s off the field where it was needed most.  Don’t get me wrong, there wasn’t much to like on the field the last couple of years, but in order to fix that, the real issue needed to be addressed, and it was.  In order for Epstein to make the move to the North Side of Chicago he had to take a role that was above his current GM role in Boston.  That in it of itself is a giant win for Ricketts, many die hard Cubs followers probably didn’t think Ricketts had it in him, but he proved them, including us, wrong in a huge way.

Theo Epstein’s full press conference (video)

Video of Epstein’s full press conference via ABC 7 Chicago.

With Theo on board, the Cubs still needed to fill the role of General Manager, and Epstein wasted no time.

Cubs/Epstein Introduce Hoyer and McLeod

Within a week, Epstein made sure that he got exactly what he wanted and the Cubs needed, by reuniting with his former running mates in Boston, Jed Hoyer (San Diego GM) and Jason McLeod (Assistant to Hoyer in San Diego).  Hoyer assumes the role of Executive Vice President/General Manager, and McLeod steps into the role of Senior Vice President/Scouting and Player Development.  Given the track record of not only all three as individuals, but all three as a team, Cubs fans have a lot to be optimistic about.  As of November 1st, the Cubs off season could already be deemed successful, and not one player had been signed, acquired or shipped out of town yet.

– George Cotugno & Mark Sorrentino

On Deck – New look Cubs begin to take shape


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