What is a Theo Epstein Worth?

Much was made about the compensation that would be going to the Red Sox after the Cubs were able to sign him away just after the season ended.  There was some heavy debate about what should be going to the Red Sox, and for the time being it was left up to the

Bud Doesn't Know

clubs to decide the outcome.  Quickly it became apparent that this scenario was not going to work, and that Bud Selig himself would be the one deciding who or what would be going to Boston.  Ever since that announcement there has been little to no news about what would be taking place, that is until today, or should I say, last night.  Compensation discussion came to the forefront as Epstein and Boston GM Ben Cherington participated in the Hot Stove Cool Music panel discussion at Fenway Park’s State Steet Pavilion last night.  While nothing was settled, it’s clear based on the comments of both Epstein, and Cherington that the deal is almost complete, and the Sox still expect something “significant in return.

Epstein’s comments (Via Nick Cafardo of the BostonGlobe.com)  Click for Full Article, definitely a good read.

On if there is a resolution in the near future:

“Seems like it should be coming to an end sometime soon.’’

Epstein continued, “I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to talk about it. No one has really talked much about it. Probably a better question for MLB.’’

Cherington’s comments (Via Nick Cafardo of the BostonGlobe.com)

“Nothing new,’’ added Cherington. “Would any of you like to resolve it? The commissioner has been involved. As we’ve gotten closer to spring training I think that there’ll be some direction given from the commissioner’s office.’’

Is the gap large?

“It’s hard to quantify,’’ Cherington said. “It’s just a disagreement. There was an expectation when Theo left that the Red Sox would

Epstein and Cherington

receive significant compensation for allowing the Cubs to hire him and we haven’t been able to agree on what ‘significant compensation’ means.’’

It’s obvious that both parties would like this resolved sooner than later, but both are also aware that it currently is out of their hands and they currently have more important things to be concerned about.

What do you think Cubs fans?  What is a Theo Epstein worth to you?

Thanks for reading!

– George Cotugno


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