Hoyer Has Thoughts, Shares Them With ESPN 1000

Chicago Cubs GM Jed Hoyer joined “The Carmen, Jurko, and Harry Show” on ESPN 1000 to discuss a lot of topics ranging from Alfonso Soriano to when he hopes the Cubs will be a contending team and how to get to that point.

Hoyer on Soriano said is it is unlikely that he will start the season with another team, and he is hopeful that better conditioning and

Oops, happened way too often

better health will enable him to be better all around player.  “We don’t want to do anything to hurt our pitchers, but we do believe there’s something left in Sori.”  Obviously we can gather from this statement what most Cub fans already know, which is that his defense absolutely needs to be better, however the hope is he can continue to produce in the power categories.

Hoyer briefly discussed the Garza situation, saying, he’s a great pitcher and a guy we’re going to talk to about being part of our future, for sure.  “We need more guys like Matt, not less, and if we can work something out we’ll certainly have those discussions.”  From all reports and from this statement the Cubs like Garza, but on the other hand they can also see this team is probably not ready to contend yet and if they can get a substantial package for him they probably will look to move him.

What about a Plan B to Carlos Marmol?  Hoyer said there needs to be a plan B for everything we do.  His thoughts on Marmol’s

Marmol Gift Wrapes a Cardinal Victory
Marmol Gift Wraps a Cardinal Victory

struggles last year, “I don’t think what happened last year is acceptable; there is nothing more demoralizing for a baseball team than to win for two hours and forty-five minutes and then lose in the last ten.”  (i.e. Marmol’s 10 blown saves.)  On the other hand he was optimistic as Marmol has been dominant for many years as well and hopes his struggles with his slider is a mechanical issue.

A great question was asked on how they will be able to replicate what they did in Boston with the new rules on the amount of money a team can spend on the draft and international players.  Hoyer talked about In the past the goal was to get as many draft picks as possible and spend what needed to be spent in order to build a farm system.  This has now changed with the new CBA and some of his thoughts are this, “We have to do it by scouting better and having a better process than other teams; the nice thing for baseball going forward is it is going to turn baseball into a scouting contest.”

Also asked was a time frame for when the Cubs will be successful.  Hoyer doesn’t want to put a set date on it.  “With a target date you bring a lot of disappointment, you might do the wrong things to target that date too much.”  He also talked about being good every year and stay there consistently.  He referenced his time in Boston, that going into the season it was either being good or very good.  This is very consistent with Epstein who numerous times has said you win championships by being good every year, not just being good once in a while.


Listen to the full interview here.

– Mark Sorrentino


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