Theo Compensation Done, Carpenter Headed to Boston

  After four months, the Cubs and Red Sox have finalized the deal that brought Theo Epstein to Chicago.  Headed to Boston is relief pitcher Chris Carpenter, who impressed in his short time up with the Cubs at the end of last year.  Carpenter, who is 26 years old, will be given a shot in the Red Sox bullpen, where I expect him to have some decent success.  The deal also says that the Red Sox will receive a player to be named later, and the Cubs will receive a player to be named later (April 15th deadline already in place).  I don’t anticipate either of the  players being anything more than fringe prospects.  All parties have been assured that these players will be named before the conlcusion of Spring Training.  Theo Epstein released a statement this morning regarding Carpenter going the other way, in a word, he is relieved.

“I am relieved that this process is over and particularly pleased that the teams were able to reach agreement on their own without intervention from MLB.  I truly hope and believe that this resolution will benefit both clubs, as well as Chris, who is an extremely talented reliever joining a great organization at a time when there’s some opportunity in the major league bullpen.  More than anything, I’m excited that we can all move forward and focus exclusively on getting ready for the season.  I wish Chris and the Red Sox nothing but the best in 2012 and beyond.”

 I would say this deal is probably as fair as possible.  I think the Cubs wanted to give up less, and the Red Sox wanted to get more, so in the end each team compromises and now it’s done.  The 26 year old Carpenter put on a show when he was called up to the Cubs late last year with his blazing fastball.  But, as with so many young

Chris Carpenter, headed to Beantown

pitchers with a big arm he had trouble finding the strike zone, walking 7 hitters in 9 and 2/3rds innings.  Now that this is over the Cubs and Epstein can move forward with Spring Training without the fear of losing anyone else.

  For me it’s a huge releif that a big time name wasn’t included in this deal for Epstein.  I would almost feel that if a major prospect went the other way it would be a minor, but significant set back to a team that has spent all off season building.  Carpenter, while a decent arm, is not Trey McNutt.  If McNutt went the other way I would not have been happy, but I would have accepted it because the Cubs got Epstein back, and he is in the process of changing the whole organization, on the field and off, and that is way more valuable in the long run that a good prospect.

More posts to come…  Thanks for reading,

– George Cotugno


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