Castro Speaks

“You’ve got to be careful because there are a lot of bad people in the world.”  This coming from Castro today, marking the first day he has spoken to the media about the alleged sexual assault case.  He would not say much more about the claim except that he has cooperated with the police, which he talked to when he was in town for the Cubs Convention in mid January.

Starlin Castro

So will Castro  be mentally prepared for the 2012 season?   “In the beginning it was tough,” he said. “I’ve taken this out of my mind and am preparing to play baseball.”  Obviously it has been a tough offseason for Castro, but it appears he has shifted his focus to the upcoming season which should hopefully only mean good things for him and the Cubs.  Marlon Byrd however is a little more concerned for the twenty-one year old stating, “Definitely, it’s going to be a lot, He’s going to have a lot of pressure on him to explain this entire situation. I haven’t talked to him about it at all. We stick to baseball when we’re in here talking. He’s young, and that can affect his fragile mind.

Castro has a very bright future on the field, but he needs to learn from this experience.   He talked about not trusting people you don’t know, but he also needs to put himself in better situations in the future as well.  Hopefully this matter is behind him and he will continue to grow as a player and even more importantly as a person.

Thanks for Reading,

Mark Sorrentino


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