Cubs and Garza Talk Extension

It looked like the Cubs would try to trade Matt Garza this offseason, but now it appears the Cubs are going to start contract extension talks with him.  This whole winter we heard Garza would give the Cubs the best opportunity to replenish the system.  On the other hand the Cubs also expressed interest in keeping Garza long term and it now appears that may be the route they are headed.

“We need more Matt Garzas. We’ll sit down to talk to him about a deal. We’re hoping to get something worked out, but you never know and we’ll keep it private when we do,” said Hoyer.  Garza had a very nice first year with the Cubs posting career best in ERA and strikeouts.  Garza is set to become a free agent after the 2013 season.

As far as Garza goes, it seems he wants to stay in Chicago as well.  “It’s a huge compliment to be wanted by other teams, but at the same time, you want to be in Chicago to turn things around.  I fell in love with the city, the ballpark, the

Matt Garza

fans.”  From this comment at least Garza understands where the Cubs are and he seems genuine in wanting to be here when it does turn around.  Garza who has been traded twice in his short career is also excited about the possibility of staying in one place for an extended period of time.  “It’s awesome,” he said. “What player doesn’t want the front office to commit to them? For me, it’s nothing but compliments. The way it goes is the way it goes. It’ll be behind closed doors. It’s huge for me. It would be huge for my family…I’m ready to help the Cubs win.”

Personally I like Matt Garza, I am still not sold that he is a true number 1 yet, but he is a very good pitcher and for me there is a place for him in this rotation for a long time.  After giving up 5 prospects to get him to Chicago the Cubs are going to make sure they either deal him and replenish the system or they will sign him long term.  Keep in mind if he is signed to an extension the Cubs could still look to move him as a new contract could make him even more valuable to some teams.  It has been an interesting offseason for Garza, but he is hopeful he is here for the long run.

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Mark Sorrentino


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