Rizzo, and Jackson Among Today’s Cuts

I think we all saw this one coming, but a few people may have been holding out hope that the Cubs two top prospects would make the club with outstanding spring efforts.  Today that hope came to an end as the Cubs sent Brett Jackson, and Anthony Rizzo to Triple-A Iowa.

I absolutely love what Jackson had to say after hearing the news, “I’ll keep trying to force their hand at Iowa and knock the crap out of the ball” awesome, just awesome.  I love the kids attitude, he gets it.  Jackson understands that he is ready to play this game at the highest level, but sometimes it’s a numbers game, “They think if I’m not really close to ready, they think I’m ready, and I think I’m ready,” Jackson said. “It’s all about numbers from now on and how I perform in Iowa and what’s going on with the team here. Rizzo, myself, we’re going to go to Des Moines and knock the ball around a little bit and hopefully we’ll be back sooner than later and able to help the team.”  Is there a waiting list to buy a Brett Jackson jersey?  If so, put my name on it.  Even with the understanding that it was going to be tough to crack the roster, Jackson was hoping for the best, “You always work for something like that and plan for the worst and expect the best and that’s what I did,” Jackson said. “Obviously, it would’ve been great to start with the team but I know that I’m close and I believe I’m going to play in Chicago for a long time. This is another step I have to take and keep working and keep playing hard and hopefully I’ll be back sooner than later.”  Dale Sveum added this caveat, “He’s the best young player I’ve seen in Major League camp. I’ve seen some good young ones.”  Wow, that’s some big words from the Cubs skipper, should tell the fans all they need to know.

The Cubs know they have a couple of keepers with Rizzo and Jackson, there really is no need to rush them at this point.  However, this is a pivotal time in each of their career’s.  Both guys have worn on Triple-A pitching, and really pitching throughout the minor leagues.  They are both ready to prove that they can play at the highest level, and we as fans are going to get that opportunity sooner than later, just not opening day 2012.  Regardless, fans are going to love watching these kids play when they get here, and they will love their attitude as well.  Jackson went deep yesterday in the Cubs victory, “I’m going out with a bang,” Jackson said, laughing.  I can’t wait for these guys to be playing at Wrigley.

Thanks for reading
– George Cotugno


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