BREAKING NEWS: Cubs Discover Scoring Runs is Fun

The third inning is becoming something that people will tell their grand kids about, the Cubs have strung together 7 hits, and have scored 6 runs and are still hitting in the bottom of the third against Zack Grienke.  Exciting things are happening, loud noises!

Bottom of 3rd (in progress) 6-0 Cubs


2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Cubs Discover Scoring Runs is Fun”

  1. Okay, your headline had me literally laughing out loud. Looks like they decided it was so much fun they just going to keep right on going. Good game! My Angels appear to have decided this season that scoring runs is fun too…now we’re just trying to convince them that they don’t have to let the other time have quite so much fun. A belated welcome to MLBlogs!
    — Kristen

    1. Ha, thanks Kristen. Boy, that Angels lineup has to be fun to watch every night. Not to mention the ridiculous staff, they should be a huge player at the end of the season and postseason. Thanks for the welcome!

      – George

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