MLB Power Rankings From Around the Web

Decided to put together a collection of power rankings from various different outlets on the web.  I know I like seeing them, and would like it if they were all in one place, so here you go.

ESPN Power Rankings
Starlin Castro committed 29 errors at shortstop in 2011. In just 10 games so far this year, he’s already up to four. — Joe Aiello Power Rankings only ranks the top 15, maybe one day the Cubs will be in that, hopefully soon Power Rankings
Cognizant of untidy relationship between Chicago night life and Chicago day games, Theo installs batting cages in most popular watering holes.

USA Today Power Rankings
 – Chicago mayor calls for “Fenway Plan” for Wrigley Field.

Fox Sports Power Rankings
 – Starlin Castro led the National League in hits in 2011 with 207 and appears to be back to form in 2012. Unfortunately, that is one of the few bright spots for the Cubs so far.

CBS Sportsline Power Rankings
 – I can’t wait to start making fun of the “Fire Theo” people. How long until I get a chance? Two years? Two months? Two weeks?

Grantland Power Rankings – a week behind, but a more thought out write-up for sure.

27 – Two blown late-inning leads by the bullpen in the first two games, and very nearly a third on Sunday. Painful to watch if you’re a Cubs fan. But you don’t break the bank on relief pitchers when you’re unlikely to contend (arguably, not ever). The primary goal for rebuilding teams like the Cubs is to identify young, potential impact players who can be part of the next winning ball club.

Presenting … Jeff Samardzija. A wild, hard-throwing reliever for most of his big league career, the Cubs have been trying to polish the towering right-hander’s raw skills ever since he ditched football following a great career as a wide receiver at Notre Dame. In just his sixth start with the Cubs (and first since 2010), he delivered: 8⅔ innings, four hits, one earned run, eight strikeouts, and, most impressive of all, zero walks. The Shark threw 79 strikes to just 31 balls, averaged 96.3 on his fastball in the ninth inning (the fastest of any inning), and would have had a complete game if not for the 6,509th throwing error of Starlin Castro’s young career. It’s one start, against a below-average offense no less. But when your fans are reduced to booing Kerry Wood on the first weekend of the season, you take what you can get.

Obviously the consensus is not very good, here’s to a good week of baseball.  Hope this post helps you out, thanks for reading,
– George



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