April 17 – 19; @ Marlins – Series Recap

Marlins Sweep the Series 3 – 0.

Full recap after the jump.




















Series Stats

Final Thoughts

I guess you could say that the Cubs new low point of the year could be after each series completed, but this was and is definitely the low point of the Cubs season.  A lackluster series in every sense of the word, pitching was bad except for Dempster, defense was bad, offense was lacking.  Even when the Cubs were able to get baserunners on the usual suspects would put a halt to the rally.  The alarming number here for me is the Cubs going 2/18 with RISP, and leaving 15 guys on base.  It’s not that they failed miserably, it’s the fact that they really didn’t have anyone on base.   Compare that to the Marlins 36 chances with RISP, and leaving 24 guys on base, and they still scored 19 runs in the series.  This truly was a sweep, beginning to end.

Hero / Goat

Hero:  None

Goat:   Cubs offense.  Disappeared in Miami, maybe they were at the beach.

Up Next

Friday April 20, 2012
Saturday April 21, 2012
Sunday April 22, 2012

Thanks for reading,
– George


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