April 20 – 22; vs Reds – Series Recap


Reds Win Series 2-1


Full recap after the jump

Final Thoughts:

It’s like pulling teeth with this team.  Just when it looks like the Cubs are going to put together back to back solid performances their defense gets in the way.  Rodrigo Lopez remembered how old he was apparently in the sixth inning yesterday when he refused to field two sac bunts, instead Soto had to rush both throws, thus not recording any outs.  That’s how the Cubs lost game three, by giving up two runs on NO hits in the sixth yesterday.  It’s frustrating to see the least.  We also saw the departure of Marlon Byrd which couldn’t have happened soon enough.  Byrd didn’t belong here on a rebuilding team, it didn’t help that he had four hits on the season, playing everyday.  Hopefully a change of scenery does the trick for him, wish him all the best as he always gave 110% on the field for the Cubs.

Thanks for reading,
– George


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