9 Innings with Rock Shoulders

Very excited and proud to announce our brand new feature, 9 innings.  In this feature we will interview (9 questions of course) a current Cubs player or Cubs prospect for your reading enjoyment.  This is a big accomplishment for us as we hope it brings you, the reader, even closer to the team and players you love.

In the first installment of 9 innings, we sit down with Cubs prospect Rock Shoulders, learn all about him here, and I hope you enjoy the interview.

Bornon3rd:  You were originally drafted in 2010 by the Boston Red Sox but you chose to go to Junior College instead, was there any reasoning behind that?  Do you have any regrets?

Rock:  I went back to school just because the Red Sox and I couldn’t come to an agreement, and I also didn’t have a great senior year in high school.  So I couldn’t really bargain with them much and I absolutely have no regrets in going to a juco for 1 year, I recommend that most people should.

Bornon3rd:  What is the toughest thing about playing so far from home?

Rock:  I’m kind of use to playing away from home because when I was younger I traveled a bunch and my parents could always make it.  I also had that last year at college, so I got used to it but if I could change something it would be to have my mom and dad watching still.

Bornon3rd:  Best player you have played with or against, where at?

Rock:  It’s hard to say because I played with so many great players in the showcases growing up but I will say its fun to play with guys like (Javier) Baez and (Dan) Vogelbach.

Bornon3rd: What are your short and long-term goals?

Rock:  My short-term goals are to make it to the big leagues as quick as possible and my long-term goal is to be in the hall of fame one day.

Bornon3rd:  In your short time with the Cubs, how have the fans been with you?  Thoughts on Cubs fans so far?

Rock:  Man cubs fans are awesome. I have never seen anything like it until I signed and realized that these fans are great.

Bornon3rd:  What would you be doing if you weren’t playing baseball?

Rock:  If I wasn’t playing baseball I would probably be at a local little league trying to teach/help kids with baseball.

Bornon3rd:  What other sports do you like?  Or, what hobbies do you have (movies, cars, music etc.)

Rock:  I played a little football and basketball when I was younger, so I watch those sports on tv.  But I love watching movies, playing ps3, fishing, and collecting shoes.

Bornon3rd:  Who would you or who do you model your game after?  Best comparison?

Rock:  I don’t know who I would say I model my game after, I pretty much just go out and give it 100% every game and just leave it on the field.

Bornon3rd: Your name, it’s unique obviously, when/how did you get your nickname?

Rock:  I think I got it when I was about 6.  My real first name is Roderick but when I was younger one of my friends’ mom couldn’t say that so then she started to call me ROCK the first two and last two letters of my name.  So If someone asked for my name I said rock, even at school.

An absolute huge thank you to Roderick “Rock” Shoulders (Follow him on Twitter) for sitting down with me and answering some questions from Arizona where he is playing in extended Spring Training.  I would love some feedback on this feature, really happy with how it came out, and I hope you really enjoyed getting to know Rock a little bit more.  Keep checking the blog as we hope to have this as a weekly feature.

Thanks for reading,
– George

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