MLBlogs Latest Leaders: #27!

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Wanted to send out a quick post as a thank you to everyone for visiting and commenting on the blog, we were lucky enough to be the 27th most visited blog in April, and we couldn’t have done it with out you, so THANKS!

Lot’s of great things happening here, please continue to stop by and interact with us as we chronicle the ever-changing landscape of Cubs baseball, top to bottom.

Please check out the full list of the latest leaders here, lots of great blogs out there, go check them out.

Thanks for reading,
– George



6 thoughts on “MLBlogs Latest Leaders: #27!”

    1. Thanks so much, really enjoy your blog. I noticed the post in regards to the number, thinking about doing something similar myself… Every time I see #27 I think of Jeremy Roenick, haha. I also didn’t want to come across as “stealing” the idea.

      Wow, a decision to write about Dusty Baker, or Alfonso Soriano… on one hand you have someone that claims that a player took a dump in the dugout where he stood, and the other is the most expensive singles hitter in the history of baseball, basically because Vernon Wells doesn’t get hits.

      Thanks again for commenting, it’s greatly appreciated, keep up the great work, look forward to talking to you further. Go Cubs.

      – George

      1. Thanks George. Keep up the good work you’re doing. This is a complete waste of time unless you love doing it, in which case it’s the best way you can spend your time. Take care.

      2. Thanks, I really appreciate it. Totally agree, this becomes more of a job if you don’t love it, and I already have one job, don’t need another. You take care as well.


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