Mariano Rivera Tore His ACL… In Batting Practice

File this one under crazy, and kind of sad.  Quite possibly the best closer in the history of baseball has had his 2012 season come to an end because of a torn ACL that he suffered in batting practice.  Rivera was shagging fly balls when he appeared to stumble into the wall on a deep drive.  First question is why is he out there in the first place, well that’s an easy question to ask, but pitchers are always shagging fly balls, especially relievers/closers, what else are you going to do?  It’s a freak accident, and one that could end the career of Rivera.  Many think that this was Rivera’s farewell tour and he was going to retire at the end of the year, well now that might be even more likely as he will have a huge rehab and recovery ahead of him, that might be too much for him, if it is, that’s sad that his career would end like this.  Good luck Mo.

Click for full video of the incident

– George


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