Cubs Working Out Carlos Correa Today

I mentioned yesterday that Carlos Correa could be a key to the whole Cubs draft, well today the Cubs are working him out at Wrigley Field per

Here is my take on Correa from my draft preview.  As I mentioned before if he is on the board, and all three college arms are gone, the Cubs pick comes down to Almora, Correa, and Fried… most likely between Almora and Correa if I had to guess.

Ballplayer right here, no question about it.  The one thing you always hear about young SS is they will probably be moved because of defense, not Correa.  He can stick at SS, and that is why he is so attractive to so many teams.  He has an above average bat, and big power right now.  When I say big, I mean outstanding power, think middle of the order power with the ability to play short for his whole career.
Prediction – Drafted #7 overall – San Diego Padres
Cubs Chances – The key to the whole draft is Correa, if a team ahead of the Cubs chooses to take him instead of a college arm then the Cubs will get that arm that is left over.


Thanks for reading,
– George

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