Jorge Soler and Cubs Make it Official

Jorge Soler has official signed his nine-year $30 million deal today.  With the signing the Cubs have officially added him to the 40-man roster.  Jed Hoyer said he will start in the minor leagues as a right fielder.  He will report to Mesa, but where he will go after that is yet to be decided.  There is no timetable on how quickly he will move through the system, but one thing is for sure the Cubs have added a top prospect, with big power potential to the club and hopefully in the next couple weeks we can add first round pick Albert Almora into the fold as well.

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6 thoughts on “Jorge Soler and Cubs Make it Official”

    1. Holy crap, I’m sorry Mateo, for some reason I didn’t see your comment! Hmm, not sure if I should give you a politically correct answer to your question or not ;). Sorry again for the delay bud, thanks for reading and commenting! – George

      1. I’m really excited to see him get into games, I know his agents had him playing in quite a few games before he was signed so that teams could get a good look at him. The fact that the Cubs were so heavily involved in the Cespedes derby gave them the edge in getting Soler. He’s in Arizona now participating in his “spring training” hope he gets in games here shortly.
        – George

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