Is Worst Case Scenario Happening With Dempster? [UPDATE]

Earlier in the year a lot was made of the secret meeting that Ryan Dempster and Theo Epstein had inside an empty Wrigley Field, and rightfully so.  That meeting was to discuss the future of the Chicago Cubs, specifically where Ryan Dempster would want to go if and when his name was discussed in a trade.  By all accounts Dempster was very grateful that Theo came to him well in advance of a deal to make sure that Dempster, who had 10-and-5 rights, was dealt to a team that he wanted to go play for.  Dempster’s number one choice was the Dodgers, his number two choice was the Braves.  It sounded as if Dempster would be willing to cooperate to make sure the Cubs got a solid return for his services, but something has changed.

News came out this morning from Ken Rosenthal that Ryan Dempster does not want to be traded to the Braves, his second choice.  But is holding out for a deal to the Dodgers instead.  The same Dodgers that were very close to acquiring Dempster last week before the deal fell apart when the Cubs were offered a better deal from the Braves.  Ryan Dempster said as much himself this morning on his twitter account “Nothing official to report.  You will be the 1st to know. Thnx to all my fans for the support #RD46.”

Take that for what it’s worth but it sounds every bit like a player saying no to a deal that is already in place to me.  A selfish move?  For sure, but unfortunately for Cubs fans everywhere Dempster has earned the right to be selfish and I’m not going to get on the guy for that.  Just because I won’t get on Dempster for that doesn’t mean I won’t face reality, which is this is the worst case scenario for the Cubs.  By passing on a Dodgers deal, accepting a Braves deal, and having Dempster say no, the Cubs lose all the leverage in any deal they make moving forward, which means a worse return for the right hander.

I still think there is a possibility that Dempster says yes to a deal to the Braves, but the longer this gets held up the worse the return will be for any deal the Cubs make, not just for Dempster.

Here are some updates from today, nothing really good at all.

Update 1A source informed Jayson Stark that a resolution to this ordeal would be coming “shortly”  this was a few hours ago, so something could be coming out very soon.  If I had to guess, the Cubs and Dempster will announce an official NO.

Update 2 – Doug Padilla, again dream killing Padilla!  Padilla is reporting the Dempster has made his way into the Cubs clubhouse and is preparing for tonight’s game against the Pirates.  He also added that “deal with Braves seems to be dying on the vine.”  So there’s that.

Update 3 – Tim Brown of Yahoo sports reported that the Cubs were prepared for something like this happening.  As a result they have kept in contact with the Dodgers yesterday and today in case the Braves deal falls through, and now that seems more likely than not.

Update 4 – A source tells Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports that Ryan Dempster could indeed be traded to the Dodgers, and the deal might not have to involve Zach Lee.  The Cubs have been rumored to be after the # 1 arm of the Dodgers system in Lee, but now that Ryan Dempster has stalled out there is no way that Lee will be involved in a deal.

Update 5 – Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports in now reporting that the Cubs have asked the Dodgers about Allen Webster, he would be the primary piece a deal for Dempster.  Quite the departure from the Zach Lee’s and Randall Delgado’s of the world.  You can thank Dempster for that one.

Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading,
– George


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