Soler Monster Shot Number Two!!

We are obsessed just like you, so we are posting when the Cubs future hits and absolute bomb!  Soler did it again tonight, he is 2-for-3 with his second home run of the season, and three RBI’s.  I hope to get video of it soon, once I do you will see it here.


Thanks for reading,
– George


2 thoughts on “Soler Monster Shot Number Two!!”

  1. Hey, just found this website and I am in love with it!! Love how you talk and show videos from the future players in Arizona! I live in Omaha, and watched Iowa Cubs play Omaha Storm Chasers (Royals AAA team) and they look bad! They have a couple good prospects but they need help!! Hoping for a Dempster and Garza trade!!!!

    Keep up te great work!!

    1. Wow, thanks for the kind words Tanner! Yeah, Iowa is having a rough go of it, but I guess that happens when all your talent is at the MLB level, or the lower levels. Me and you both in regards to the Dempster and Garza trades, hope it happens very soon. Thanks again for reading and commenting Tanner! Go Cubs!
      – George

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