Braves’ GM Explains How Dempster Deal Collapsed, For Now

The question that a lot of Cubs fans have been asking is what exactly happened to make the Dempster deal to the Braves blow up?  Well today we are starting to get some answers from Braves’ GM Frank Wren.  Now, a word of caution, these are quotes from Wren but he does not speak for the Cubs, the Cubs have not made any public comments about this and will not as that is pretty status quo now that Theo is running the show.

Via Gordon Wittenmeyer / Chicago Sun-Times

ON WHAT HAPPENED TO LOSE DEMPSTER DEAL: “In his case, from my understanding – and I’m only getting it second hand from the Cubs – they had a meeting with him a couple weeks ago and laid it out, and the primary two suitors were use and the Dodgers. And he had positive things to say about both, and he had a slight preference to the Dodgers because of Ted Lilly. He and Ted Lilly are best of friends and he’d like to go play with his friend. And I think there were also some personal issues that suited better for him. And as it went down, from my understanding, the Cubs informed him in the last week that the Dodgers weren’t really as aggressive as we were and they thought the deal was going to go with us. I think he was given a heads up along the way. I think it may be the way it was presented as far as coming out in the media [Monday]. I think that was blindsiding, not that he necessarily didn’t know this was coming down.’’

ON BRAVES’ STANCE IF DEMPSTER WERE TO RECONSIDER TODAY: “I’m not going to paint us in a corner one way or another. Let’s just say that we have moved on. And we’re looking for impact pitching, someone that can make a difference for us as we go down the stretch the last two months. We feel we can win our division. But we feel we need to improve our starting pitching.’’

 ON IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN MAKING TRADES THESE DAYS: “I think the Twitter and the internet have really changed the dynamics for how it all works. We were able to keep this deal under wraps for about three days as we worked through a lot of details, and it never leaked out. And then the second we got to … the Cubs taking it to the player, it was out everywhere. It’s a different dynamic than we’ve ever worked in, and it does make it sometimes more difficult to get our jobs done.’’

Really great stuff from the Braves’ GM here as it gives us a second-hand view of what had actually taken place over the past week or so.  It’s interesting to hear that really there is no way that Ryan Dempster could have been blindsided by this deal coming about as he has been in on it since day one.  That’s not exactly great news for Dempster as this process drags on considering that he is already being considered public enemy number one by some Cubs fans.  But let’s take a step back here and a breath, or two, to get our bearings.

To do so I suggest we look at Ryan Dempster’s post game comments today.  Patrick Mooney posted this one on Twitter.  “If that’s still an option down the road, then that’s something I might look at to make the best decision for me/my family.”  To me that sounds like Dempster is waiting to see if the Cubs can make a deal with the Dodgers, if not then Dempster might be open to going to Atlanta, the return might not be the same, but it’s a slightly cracked open door.

Here is some post game video of Dempster from Paul Sullivan.  It sounds like a guy that really hasn’t made up his mind about anything yet, and wants to take more time than everyone else wants.  Thing is, Dempster has until July 31st to make up his mind on where he wants to go, there just might not be anywhere to go by then.

Thanks for reading,
– George


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