Braves GM on Dempster: “We’ve Moved On”


After two days of Ryan Dempster making up his mind, when he really already had it made up the Atlanta Braves have appeared to move on from a deal for Dempster.

Braves GM Frank Wren was on the radio this morning,

“We’re not going to be painted into a corner,” the GM said on an Atlanta radio station this morning. “We have moved on.” He added that it is “highly unlikely” that the Braves will now acquire Dempster, and said that the deal the two sides had in place “expired yesterday.”  That is horrible news for the Cubs organization and Cubs fans as Randall Delgado to the Cubs is no more.  That’s a shame as Dempster informed the Cubs that the Braves would be an adequate landing spot, so the Cubs went out and agreed to an AWESOME deal with the Braves only to have it blown up by the man that everyone is trying to please, Ryan Dempster.

Can’t wait to find out what went wrong here, if we ever do.  Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading,
– George


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