Countdown to the Deadline: Latest Rumors NOT About Dempster

Lost is all the Dempster hoopla is the fact that the Cubs are still in a building process and have a number of assets that other teams can use.  Here is the latest chatter about some of those assets, this post will be a Dempster free zone starting… now.

It’s about time that Alfonso Soriano’s name starts getting mentioned in some of these trade rumors.  Soriano’s is in the midst of a resurgent season and surely a team in the AL could use a slugging DH.  Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports reports that at least one team has inquired about Soriano.

Morosi on Soriano-

With Soriano, the issue is – and has been – money. He has roughly $6 million left on this year’s contract, followed by $18 million in each of the next two seasons. The Cubs likely would need to include a substantial amount of money to facilitate a trade. On top of that, Soriano has a full no-trade clause.

The Dodgers, Giants, Indians and Pirates are among the teams that could benefit from Soriano’s power


Morosi also chimes in about Matt Garza, yes he is still on the Cubs, we just haven’t heard much about him since he left injured last Friday and he won’t pitch again until Monday July 30th (maybe).  The Cubs are talking with multiple potential suitors for Garza.  Morosi also reports that the Dodgers appear to be serious in their attempts to get Garza as a Zach Lee for Matt Garza deal may have been discussed, at this point I don’t think that is a reality.

ESPN’s Jayson Stark temper’s that interest as he reports that clubs have not been assured that Garza will make another start before the deadline, and is more likely to be dealt in the offseason than at the deadline, if at all.


Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun reported back on 7/23 that the Orioles have been making calls with the hopes of addressing their corner infield issues.  One of those guys they have kicked the tires on is Bryan LaHair.  These talks have been preliminary, there is nothing serious as of yet, but if another team is interested in LaHair the Cubs would jump at the chance to get anything for him.

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– George


4 thoughts on “Countdown to the Deadline: Latest Rumors NOT About Dempster”

    1. Have to agree with you there Alicia, I really can’t understand the lack of interest in him right now. Has not made an error yet in left field, he has been tremendously improved out there, and he is having an above average offensive season. His contract is oviously the issue, but the Cubs have made it known they would be paying the majority of it. We’ll see what happens I guess. Thanks for reading and commenting!
      – George

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