August 7, 2012 – Cubs Lineup vs. Padres; Sveum Rant

I’ve given Dale Sveum the benefit of the doubt all season, but I can’t let this one go right now.  Before Brett Jackson and Josh Vitters were called up Sveum said that they weren’t going to get called up to sit on the bench.  This is Vitters 3rd game with the Cubs, he has now been on the bench for two of them.  It goes against everything Theo has preached and everything Dale has said.  I don’t have a problem with working a young guy into the lineup if you are a contending team, or have your 2013 third baseman currently playing the position.  In both cases the Cubs don’t.  If Vitters is not ready to play every day he needs to play every day in Iowa, there is nothing wrong with that and falls in line with what Theo has said all along about bringing up prospects, he wants 162 games from them in AAA, well Vitters has 110 or so in triple A, don’t call him up just to call him up.  It reeks of a panic move from a front office that hasn’t come close to panicking all year, why now?  Any way, here’s the lineup for tonight, let’s score a run!  Brooks Raley is making his major league debut tonight, pitching in that park should help him a lot.

1. DeJesus – RF
2. Jackson – CF
3. Rizzo – 1B
4. Soriano – LF
5. Castro – SS
6. Clevenger – C
7. Valbuena – 3B
8. Barney – 2B
9. Raley – P

Thanks for reading, go Cubs!
– George


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