August 15, 2012 – Cubs Lineup vs. Astros

Clearly Adrian Cardenas is doing something wrong behind the scenes, that is the only way to describe the way he is being used or not used I should say, since his recent call up.  Today would have been a perfect day to get Cardenas in the lineup, Barney is getting a day-off so Cardenas could slide in at second for a day.  Guess not.  Justin Germano takes the ball today as the Cubs look to win the series from the Astros, here is how the Cubs will line up.

1. DeJesus – RF
2. Vitters – 3B
3. Rizzo – 1B
4. Soriano – LF
5. Castro – SS
6. Valbuena – 2B
7. Jackson – CF
8. Clevenger – C
9. Germano – P

Thanks for reading, GO CUBS!
– George


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