Oneri Fleita Fired [UPDATE] Wasserstrom Gone As Well

In somewhat of a shocking move today, well depends on who you ask I guess, Oneri Fleita the Cubs VP of Player Personnel (former) has been given his walking papers.  Just last September Fleita was given a contract extension by Tom Ricketts, keep in mind this was before Theo Epstein was brought in to take over.  Fleita was outstanding when it came to dealing with the Latin American talent, and losing that could hurt, but I’m guessing the decision here might have been mutual.  Fleita is going to be a hot commodity on the open market as he had over 15 years experience with the Cubs and a tremendous track record.  The reason I say that it could be mutual is I wouldn’t be surprised if Fleita is on to bigger and better things, and he wouldn’t be able to do that unless he was fired because of said contract extension last year.

Up until this year Fleita was the head man overseeing everything having to do with the Cubs farm system.  Enter Theo and Jed, they brought in Jason McLeod to assume that role before this season with Fleita acting as second in command.  With the recent promotion of Tim Wilken to special assistant, and bringing in Jaron Madison to be the new scouting director, Theo is starting to make his mark on the Cubs organization as a whole and how he wants it run, and who he wants running it.  Best of luck to Oneri, we will have more details if and when they emerge.

[UPDATE 1:24 PM]  Theo means business today, according to Paul Sullivan, the Cubs have re-assigned Ari Kaplan from Manager of Statistical Analysis to a consulting position.  Sullivan continues, letting us know that the Cubs have eliminated Chuck Wasserstrom’s position which was Manager of Baseball Information, Wasserstrom had been around forever, and per Toni Ginetti, the Cubs are looking to find a new position for Scott Nelson who was the director of player operations.  The deck has officially been shuffled, we will be back with more.

Thanks for reading,
– George


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