Report: Cubs Leaving Peoria for Kane County?

Per a Chicago Sun-Times report, the Cubs are planning on moving their Class A affiliate Peoria Chiefs to Kane County as soon as next season. 

From the report…

Sources say the Cubs are in the process of working out a player development agreement with the Kane County Cougars in an effort to move their Midwest League affiliate from Peoria – putting those Class A players 120 miles closer to Chicago.

 The change would mean ending a relationship with the Peoria Chiefs that goes back nearly 30 years between a 10-year affiliation in the 1980s and early ‘90s and the current eight-year affiliation.

Wow, that would be some big news for sure, nothing has been confirmed by the Cubs yet.  On a personal note this would be a nice move for us as we would be able to have first hand reports from Kane County quite often, but this would be a blow to Peoria, and the fans in that area that have followed the Chiefs for 30 some odd years.  More as it becomes available.

Thanks for reading,
– George



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