Castro’s Extension Official!

Here is our post from August 18, 2012-

The Cubs have signed Starlin Castro to a 7 year $60MM extension.  Great news, more when we get back from the 2012 UA High School All American game.

Well, now we finally have more.  The Cubs announced today that they have officially come to terms on an extension with Starlin Castro.  The deal is for 7 years, and $60 million, here is a full breakdown of the deal from the Tribune.

Castro, who will give up three years of free agency, receives a $6 million signing bonus and has a club option after the final year for $16 million or a $1 million buyout.

He will receive salaries of $5 million, $5 million, $6 million, $7 million, $10 million and $11 million.

This is a big piece of the future right here, and it comes cheap.  Castro has made physical errors, and mental errors this season, but people around the club have seen improvement and see what he can become.  This is a no lose situation if I’ve ever seen one.

Thanks for reading,
– George


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