From Bad to Worse as Cubs Get Thrashed Again

Dale Sveum said it best after the game, “That’s just men playing against boys right now.”  For the second straight night the Cubs gave up six home runs to the Nationals, at least they didn’t use as many pitchers tonight as they did last night.  Volstad was the one serving up long balls tonight, but at least he was able to give the Cubs some innings.  Volstad’s night came to an end after five innings, he gave up five runs on nine hits while walking four and striking out two.  Volstad gave up three home runs, Michael Bowden gave up one, and Blake Parker gave up two more.  Bryce Harper had two home runs tonight, and Adam LaRoche hit another home run in this one, LaRoche has been amazing against the Cubs, and will continue to be awesome until someone decides to pitch him inside off the plate.  I mentioned it yesterday, opponents are way too comfortable in the box against Cubs pitchers, until they go inside with a purpose balls will continue to leave the park.  Speaking of comfortable at the plate, the Cubs are anything but as they were carved up by now 18 game winner Gio Gonzalez.  The Cubs could only manage four hits in the 9-1 defeat, one of which was an Anthony Rizzo solo home run in the ninth inning.  Dale Sveum was ejected tonight after he took exception to home plate umpire Larry Vanover “eyeballing” the Cubs bench after a couple of close calls.  The Cubs will try to avoid the four game sweep tomorrow night.


Game Highlights:
Anthony Rizzo’s 11th Home Run
Great Play by Vitters
Sveum Ejected

Thanks for reading,
– George


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