Cubs Go Down Fighting, Literally, Kinda

The Cubs could easily be accused as a team just going through the motions this year as they have a had a number of lifeless losses and currently sit 35 games under .500.  Tonight was more of the same against the Nationals until Bo Porter, former Cub, and the Nationals third base coach, lit a fire under the club.  After the Nationals stole a couple of bases, and Jayson Werth swung at a 3-0 pitch with a five run lead, catcher Steve Clevenger went to the dugout to get a new glove.  Apparently Bo Porter didn’t like it, and started barking at the Cubs bench, Jaime Quirk took exception to Porter and the two got in a shouting match which resulted in benches clearing.  Miraculously, Bo Porter, who started everything stayed at his post at third base, and Quirk was ejected.  Fast forward to the 6th, the Cubs were determined to get the last word as Lendy Castillo threw at Bryce Harper, and missed.  Harper walked towards the mound with Clevenger intercepting him before he could get too far, but the benches and bullpens were empty once again, this time with vigor.  Nats reliever Michael Gonzalez kept running his mouth, which resulted in some more pushing and a possible sad attempt at a punch from Clevenger.  Clevenger, and Corpas were ejected along with Gonzalez, that was the end of the extracurriculars, the butt kicking resumed after that.  I will say this, it was nice to see a Cubs team answer the bell and finally say enough is enough, however when you are getting blasted night after night it makes you look rather sad.  I was still happy to see it.

Now onto the third straight embarrassment on the field.  Justin Germano got the start for the Cubs tonight, and didn’t fare much better then the Cubs starters that preceded him in this series.  Germano was done after four innings, he gave up seven runs, six earned, on seven hits while walking two and striking out two.  Germano left trailing 7-2, this was after the Cubs actually held a lead of 2-1 in the second inning.  The Cubs had some success early against Nats starter Jordan Zimmermann as they scored in the first and second to take an early lead.  Anthony Rizzo had a great day at the plate going 3-for-4 with his 12th home run of the season.  Starlin Castro also did his best to keep the Cubs in this one as he was 2-for-4 with a double, a triple, and a run scored.  On to Pittsburgh.


Incident #1 – Bo Porter NOT Ejected

Incident #2

Brett Jackson’s Great Catch

Game Highlights:
Barney Triples Home a  Run

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6 thoughts on “Cubs Go Down Fighting, Literally, Kinda”

  1. Wow. Let’s at least get the facts straight here. Quirk was yelling some nasty things behind the safety of the dugout at Bo Porter. Porter was responding to Quirk, alone, as he should have. Quirk started the “barking”, not Porter.

    1. After watching the game, and replays it was clear that Porter initiated the conversation, both guys exchanged words. Typically, a coach should not approach and opposing teams dugout, no reason for it. I think the consensous among everyone not in Washington was that Porter should have been ejected. That is a fact, based on everything I’ve seen since yesterday.

      1. Quotes from home plate ump:
        On why Quirk was ejected: “Quirk was ejected for screaming out obscenities to the third base coach. That was the ejection for the coach. The fracas was started, all that stuff that happened, was instigated by Quirk screaming out at Porter. And the obscenities that he screamed out I just felt was inappropriate and that’s what caused everything. The reason he was ejected was he was the cause.”
        On Bo Porter: “I told Porter he must stay in the coaches box and if he conducted himself in anything beyond that he would be subject (to an ejection). I told him that I didn’t think what he did, because remember the catcher had a broken web in his glove. That was what the delay was. That’s why the catcher went to the dugout. The pitch before had broke the webbing of his glove. A lot people don’t know that. Why is this delay? What is going on?… So that’s why when Quirk was screaming out at Porter, that’s why Porter walked over, there was timeout.”

      2. I’ll use the information that I have from the people that I got it form. I’m not denying why Quirk was thrown out, or the fact the Quirk played a big part in what happened. Bo Porter also played a large role in what happened, you can’t deny that, if you do I can only respect your opinion and wish you a nice day and move on. If Bo Porter doesn’t like what we being said, he can take it up with his Manager, as “Natitude” might not be for everyone. By that I mean, when you are slaughtering a team, do it with tact, if you don’t, don’t act like your sh*t doesn’t stink afterwards when someone takes exception to it. Have a nice day.

      3. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on this one, since I believe if you don’t want someone to respond to what you’re screaming (Quirk), then perhaps it’s better to keep your mouth shut to begin with. I’m not sure what exactly you’re referring to when you say something was done without tact, but that sounds like something else we’ll probably disagree on, so I’ll leave it be.

        The brawls were completely unexpected to me, but I don’t think it’s representative of the overall character of either team. I’m just glad it ended with nobody hurt on either side. As a fan of a team that has been through a lot of similarly difficult seasons in recent years, I do (sincerely) wish you and the Cubs organization all the best for the rest of the season and in future seasons to come.

      4. It comes down to stealing bases, and swinging at 3-0 pitches when you are blowing out a team that clearly is a minor league team at best. That is why the brawls happened, I’m not saying I agree with the way the Cubs handeled it, I’m just saying that is why it happened. I’ve posted an updated post explaining what happened last night, hope you respect it.

        Best of luck the rest of the way.

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