Born on Third Player Card: Dustin Geiger



Current Season


For full statistics please click here to be taken to Dustin Geiger’s Baseball-Reference page

This is obviously our huge off-season project, we have put a lot of development time into this so I really hope you guys enjoy it.  These “cards” will be saved in a separate category on the blog, and will be updated yearly with important information.  The thought is to have a tool to pull up any player in the Cubs system and be able to access how the Cubs acquired him, his career stats, his current stats, and our opinion about said player from year to year.  Nothing is deleted, it will be a running history of each player.  I really would like some feedback from you, the reader as we want this tool to not only be useful for us, but for you as well.  You will notice a green arrow next to the 2012 recap, this means that in our opinion the player’s stock is on the rise after the season he just completed, conversely if we feel said player has hurt his standing in the organization we will have a red arrow pointing down.  Our initial idea for distribution of these cards will be twice a day once the season has ended, but we will begin rolling them out starting today with Dustin Geiger.  Thanks so much for following the blog, we appreciate everything, and are very excited to take things to a new level with these Born on Third Player Cards, enjoy!

Thanks for reading,
– George

4 thoughts on “Born on Third Player Card: Dustin Geiger”

  1. I can’t express how awesome this seems like it’s going to be. Even with the internet it’s been hard to find a large list of Cub’s prospects complete with stats and analysis. I know it’s going to be a lot of work, so good luck, I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

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