Injury Ends 2012 AFL Season for Baez

It’s not the end of the World, but it’s never good to report news of an injury to a top prospect.  Javier Baez was removed from Saturday’s AFL game, and reports are that he will miss the remainder of the AFL season now with a possible broken left thumb, the tip of the thumb specifically.  It’s been a long 2012 for Baez as he destroyed MWL pitching with the Peoria Chiefs, then struggled with the transition to the Daytona Cubs, then produced at a ridiculous rate for the Solar Sox in the AFL but saw his average drop off.  In the grand scheme of things Baez will not miss much baseball, the only thing he will miss out on is some development time with the Solar Sox in Mesa.  He should be all set to go in 2013, odds are that he will start the 2013 campaign with the Daytona Cubs.

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One thought on “Injury Ends 2012 AFL Season for Baez”

  1. The injury, a broken thumb on his left hand, knocks Baez out of the remainder of the AFL season, although the Cubs are hopeful he will recover enough to see some action in the Puerto Rico Winter League in December.

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