Welcome Back Ian Stewart; Signs One Year Deal With Cubs

I mentioned it when the Cubs non-tendered him and I mentioned it again last night on Twitter, I think Ian Stewart will be back.  Today we got confirmation that he is indeed coming back to the Cubs as they have agreed on a one year ian-stewart-10deal worth $2MM which also includes $500K in incentives.  Stewart played the last two years with a broken bone in his wrist, imagine that for a second.  The guy can pick it at third base, and if he is indeed 100% healthy, like everyone is saying he is, then he might be a breakout player for the Cubs this year.  He could still be a bust, but I want to see what he can do at 100% without fear that he will lose his job or playing time to injury.  He’s still only 27 and if he remains healthy and “figures it out” he could be at the hot corner for the Cubs for a long time.  People just look at numbers and scream he can’t get it done, which I get, I really do, but the guy plays good defense, works counts, and can hit the ball out of the park from the left side of the plate, for two million I’ll take that chance everyday of the week.  Yet another player on a one year prove it deal as well, Stewart should have all sorts of motivation coming into 2013, an awful lot of doubters and the opportunity to be a FA heading into next season at 28 coming off a monster year, go get em kid.

Just an update in regards to the contract, this is a non-guaranteed contract, meaning Stewart goes into Spring Training as the starter, if he gets released then the Cubs are completely off the hook for that money, they owe him nothing.  That right there is a no lose situation, folks.

Thanks for reading,
– George

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