Cubs Now in Bidding War With Tigers for Anibal Sanchez (Sanchez Stays With Tigers)

Initial reports are that its a 5 year deal worth $75 million.  Much more as it comes and once I can get in front of a computer.  Great move here if its true, haven’t seen anything official.

[UPDATE] Lot’s of updates rolling in, all of them saying this deal is not official and the Tigers are still very much in the mix here.

[UPDATE #2] Per a number of sources it’s down to the Cubs and Tigers with the Tigers holding the possible advantage after matching the Cubs offer, it’s a waiting game now… you’re saying there’s a chance..

[UPDATE #3] Still no movement with Sanchez, and the last word was that a decision will come tonight, so stay tuned.  Things might get interesting, and maybe the Tigers aren’t the clear cut favorite anymore.

Your morning update, per Ken Rosenthal the Cubs have upped their offer to 5 years and $77.5 million, the Tigers sit at $75 million still, we will see what happens.  After a decision was expected last night it was clear that the Cubs were in the process of trying to negotiate as it was announced that there would be no decision until at least today.  Theo and Jed usually get the guy they want, especially one that was already in their system in Boston, see Anthony Rizzo, and Sanchez fits that mold.  I’ll keep updating this post today.

[UPDATE #4] Of course right after Rosenthal says that, Jon Heyman says the Cubs are out of the Anibal Sanchez race and it seems likely he takes less money and stays with the Tigers, nothing official yet.

[UPDATE #5]  Bob Nightengale, the same guy who “broke” the story of the Cubs signing Sanchez last night has confirmed today that Sanchez has agreed to stay with the Tigers on a 5 year $80M deal, too rich for my blood.  If I’m the Cubs I stay in Detroit and try to get Porcello away from the Tigers.

Thanks for reading,
– George

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