Per Report: Cubs Have Signed Edwin Jackson to a Four Year Deal

Had to wait a little longer to post this as I’m sure you all know the recent history of the Cubs acquiring players hasn’t been pretty, as in they never really acquired them in the first place.  Per Patrick Mooney of  CSN, the Cubs have Edwin Jacksonsigned Edwin Jackson to a four year deal worth $52M.  Great signing here from the Cubs as they lock up a talented 29 year old arm to not only solidify some depth on the pitching staff, but also stabilize the middle of the rotation.  The length of the deal fits the Cubs as it provides instant improvement to the Cubs staff but also allows Jackson to be here when the Cubs are contending as I think there is another level that Jackson hasn’t reached yet.  Edwin Jackson has been a bit of a journeyman in his career, funny saying that about a 29 year old, but it’s true.  This will be Jackson’s 8th team that he has pitched for in his career, he finally has some stability, and that should only mean good things for the power right hander.  The Cubs rotation once bare, now has 7-8 legit starting pitchers, so now is the time for some real competition to see who will crack the 2013 rotation, and also gives Theo and Jed what they were looking for, starting pitching depth, which needs to be around 8-9 deep if you want to be successful.

Thanks for reading,
– George

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