Carlos Marmol Accused of Domestic Violence…

Per a report, Carlos Marmol has been accused of domestic violence, no charges as of yet.  These stories are tricky as I’m sure multi-million dollar athletes are the target of blackmail and extortion all the time, so obviously we Marmolshould wait to hear some details before claiming Carlos Marmol is a woman beater.  Remember last year during the off-season when Starlin Castro was also accused of assault, details were sketchy at the time of that event as well and turned out to be nothing.  Domestic violence is not a joke, and should not be joked about so I really hope this is just a story of someone trying to get rich quick instead of Marmol being despicable.  The report is coming out of the Dominican Republic and names a 24-year-old defendant in the claim.  Here is the full story, in Spanish if you would like to read it over, I can’t, at least not all of it.  There has not been a statement from Marmol or the Cubs about this story but I’m sure that once it starts making the rounds, like it is currently doing, the team will be forced to address it.

With all of that said, players do share responsibility to put themselves in better situations, like Castro last year.  It’s an assumed risk of being a ballplayer, like I said, hopefully there is no weight to this claim and it will be non news once again, as soon as details emerge I’ll pass them along.

Thanks for reading,
– George


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