Some Spring Notes; Soler Still Hits the Ball Hard (Video), and Garza Has Mild Lat Strain

The talk of this Spring so far has been how impressed everyone has been with Jorge Soler, the man is a beast.  Physically imposing, and talent that awes, here’s a look at one of his BP sessions in Arizona via Bleacher Nation..

Garza InjuryThe other news isn’t so, well, great.  Matt Garza has looked “awesome” according to Sveum during early throwing sessions, that is the good news as Garza is coming back from a forearm/elbow injury that cut his 2012 season short, and probably kept him on the Cubs as it happened right around the trade deadline.  Well now the bad news, maybe bad is too harsh of a term but it’s hard not to notice when the possible opening day starter comes up lame.  Garza had his bullpen session cut short, but it was not his elbow (hooray) it’s a mild lat strain (boo) per the Cubs.  Hopefully this is the Cubs being overly protective, and I think it is.  Pitchers mechanics are fine tuned, if they mildly strain one thing they risk blowing out their elbow completely by changing their mechanics to compensate.  So Garza will rest it, and then get back at it, as I said hopefully this is just a bump in the road to his recovery and not a complete road block.

An update from Paul Sullivan at the Tribune – Garza will undergo an MRI in the next day or two for the injury, while not considered serious, it’s the type of injury that usually results in a DL stint, which means Garza won’t throw for a couple of weeks at least.  Worst case scenario, Garza misses the start of the 2013 season, which is a very real possibility, “We’re not going to rush this guy, that’s for sure,” Hoyer said.  Hopefully Garza bounces back quickly, and the elbow remains healthy.

Thanks for reading,
– George


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