February 24, 2013 – Cubs Lineup vs. Giants

Solid pitching matchup today, Jeff Samardzija vs. Matt Cain, here is how the Cubs will lineup to start this one out.

1. DeJesus CF
2. Castro SS
3. Rizzo 1B
4. Soriano LF
5. Schierholtz RF
6. Navarro C
7. Bogusevic DH
8. Barney 2B
9. Villanueva 3B

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Cubs Throttle Angels Behind Hot Hitting, Solid Pitching

Cactus League Header

Cubs-Angels Line Score 2-23-13

Full Box Score

  Things didn’t exactly get going the right way for the Cubs and eventual winning pitcher Travis Wood.  Wood walked the first batter he faced today, on four straight pitches, then threw 11 consecutive strikes to close out a solid two inning outing.  He didn’t get out of the game unscathed as the lead-off walk he issued scored for the Angels which was part of a two run first inning.  The Cubs quickly erased that deficit thanks to some clutch hitting in the third inning.  spt-0224-BaezRogersAfter Luis Valbuena brought the Cubs to within one run in the second inning with a solo home run, the Cubs exploded for five runs in the third, all with two outs.  The highlight of the inning had to be Brett Jackson‘s two run triple, his second triple of the game, he finished the day going 2-for-2 with two triples, two RBI’s and a run scored, guess that new swing is working out okay so far, it’s early, I know.  Jorge Soler, and Anthony Rizzo had solid spring debut’s as they each registered a double in three plate appearances, Soler’s double brought in a run for his first RBI of the Spring season.  Junior Lake also wowed the capacity crowd with a long solo home run, his only hit of the day in three plate appearances.  Back to the pitching, it was outstanding, sure it wasn’t against the vaunted Angels every day lineup, but it was still an excellent performance for so early in the Spring.  After Travis Wood, six Cubs pitchers joined the fun to close out the game, they tossed seven innings allowing four hits, one walk and no strikeouts.

Cubs-Angels box Score 2-23-13

Cubs-Angels Pitching box Score 2-23-13

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Cubs Cactus League Opener; Lineup/Preview

It’s finally here, baseball counts again, well for Spring Training records anyway, the Cubs get their Cactus League schedule underway today at 2PM CST against the Angels of Anaheim, Los Angeles, West Coast, California.  Here is how the Cubs will lineup with Travis Wood getting the start, a first step towards making his case to crack the Cubs starting five.  The game is available on WGN Radio, and also on MLB.com, so tune in and enjoy.  Other things to look for today, or I guess listen for, would be Brett Jackson’s new swing, and Anthony Rizzo’s first spring HR, because it will happen today.

Today’s lineup (for the first time through at least)

1. Logan Watkins, 2B
2. Dave Sappelt, CF
3. Anthony Rizzo, 1B
4. Scott Hairston, RF
5. Luis Valbuena, 3B
6. Welington Castillo, C
7. Brett Jackson, LF
8. Brent Lillibridge, SS
9. Darnell McDonald, DH

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Cubs 2013 Broadcast Schedule

I give you this information in the series previews, but bookmark this post, here is every game this year and what channel it is scheduled to be broadcast on.  Just a reminder, the Cubs open their spring training schedule tomorrow against the Angels, as always I will have a recap and a box score from the game, get excited boys and girls, Cubs baseball is back.

Mon 4/1 @ Pittsburgh 12:35 PM WGN
Tue 4/2 OFF DAY
Wed 4/3 @ Pittsburgh 6:05 PM CSN
Thur 4/4 @ Pittsburgh 11:35 AM WGN
Fri 4/5 @ Atlanta 6:30 PM CSN+
Sat 4/6 @ Atlanta 6:10 PM WGN
Sun 4/7 @ Atlanta 12:35 PM CSN
Mon 4/8 vs. Milwaukee 1:20 PM WGN
Tue 4/9 vs. Milwaukee 7:05 PM WGN
Wed 4/10 vs. Milwaukee 7:05 PM CSN+
Thur 4/11 vs. SF Giants 1:20 PM CSN
Fri 4/12 vs. SF Giants 1:20 PM CSN
Sat 4/13 vs. SF Giants 12:05 PM FOX
Sun 4/14 vs. SF Giants 1:20 PM WGN
Mon 4/15 OFF DAY
Tue 4/16 vs. Texas 7:05 PM CSN
Wed 4/17 vs. Texas 7:05 PM WGN
Thur 4/18 vs. Texas 1:20 PM WGN
Fri 4/19 @ Milwaukee 7:10 PM WCIU
Sat 4/20 @ Milwaukee 6:10 PM CSN
Sun 4/21 @ Milwaukee 1:10 PM CSN
Mon 4/22 @ Cincinnati 6:10 PM CSN
Tue 4/23 @ Cincinnati 6:10 PM WGN
Wed 4/24 @ Cincinnati 11:35 AM CSN
Thur 4/25 @ Miami 6:10 PM WCIU
Fri 4/26 @ Miami 6:10 PM WGN
Sat 4/27 @ Miami 6:10 PM CSN+
Sun 4/28 @ Miami 12:10 PM CSN
Mon 4/29 vs. San Diego 7:05 PM CSN
Tue 4/30 vs. San Diego 7:05 PM WCIU
Wed 5/1 vs. San Diego 7:05 PM CSN
Thur 5/2 vs. San Diego 1:20 PM CSN
Fri 5/3 vs. Cincinnati 1:20 PM CSN
Sat 5/4 vs. Cincinnati 12:05 PM CSN
Sun 5/5 vs. Cincinnati 1:20 PM WGN
Mon 5/6 OFF DAY
Tue 5/7 vs. St. Louis 7:05 PM WGN
Wed 5/8 vs. St. Louis 1:20 PM CSN
Thur 5/9 OFF DAY
Fri 5/10 @ Washington 6:05 PM WCIU
Sat 5/11 @ Washington 3:05 PM CSN
Sun 5/12 @ Washington 12:35 PM WGN
Mon 5/13 vs. Colorado 7:05 PM WCIU
Tue 5/14 vs. Colorado 7:05 PM CSN
Wed 5/15 vs. Colorado 7:05 PM CSN
Thur 5/16 OFF DAY
Fri 5/17 vs. NY Mets 1:20 PM WGN
Sat 5/18 vs. NY Mets 12:05 PM CSN
Sun 5/19 vs. NY Mets 1:20 PM WGN
Mon 5/20 OFF DAY
Tue 5/21 @ Pittsburgh 6:05 PM CSN
Wed 5/22 @ Pittsburgh 6:05 PM WGN
Thur 5/23 @ Pittsburgh 11:35 AM CSN
Fri 5/24 @ Cincinnati 6:10 PM WGN
Sat 5/25 @ Cincinnati 3:10 PM WGN
Sun 5/26 @ Cincinnati 12:10 PM CSN
Mon 5/27 @ White Sox 6:10 PM CSN
Tue 5/28 @ White Sox 7:10 PM WCIU
Wed 5/29 vs. White Sox 1:20 PM CSN
Thur 5/30 vs. White Sox 1:20 PM WGN
Fri 5/31 vs. Arizona 1:20 PM CSN
Sat 6/1 vs. Arizona 6:15 PM FOX
Sun 6/2 vs. Arizona 1:20 PM WGN
Mon 6/3 OFF DAY
Tue 6/4 @ LA Angels 9:05 PM WGN
Wed 6/5 @ LA Angels 6:05 PM CSN
Thur 6/6 OFF DAY
Fri 6/7 vs. Pittsburgh TBD WGN
Sat 6/8 vs. Pittsburgh 3:05 PM CSN
Sun 6/9 vs. Pittsburgh 1:20 PM WGN
Mon 6/10 vs. Cincinnati 7:05 PM CSN
Tue 6/11 vs. Cincinnati 7:05 PM WGN
Wed 6/12 vs. Cincinnati 1:20 PM CSN
Thur 6/13 vs. Cincinnati 1:20 PM CSN
Fri 6/14 @ NY Mets 6:10 PM CSN
Sat 6/15 @ NY Mets 12:10 PM CSN
Sun 6/16 @ NY Mets 12:10 PM WGN
Mon 6/17 @ St. Louis 6:05 PM WCIU/ESPN
Tue 6/18 @ St. Louis 7:15 PM CSN
Wed 6/19 @ St. Louis 7:15 PM CSN
Thur 6/20 @ St. Louis 7:15 PM WGN
Fri 6/21 vs. Houston TBD CSN
Sat 6/22 vs. Houston 3:05 PM WGN
Sun 6/23 vs. Houston 1:20 PM CSN
Mon 6/24 OFF DAY
Tue 6/25 @ Milwaukee 7:10 PM CSN
Wed 6/26 @ Milwaukee 7:10 PM WGN
Thur 6/27 @ Milwaukee 1:10 PM CSN
Fri 6/28 @ Seattle 9:10 PM WGN
Sat 6/29 @ Seattle 6:15 PM FOX
Sun 6/30 @ Seattle 3:10 PM CSN
Mon 7/1 OFF DAY
Tue 7/2 @ Oakland 9:05 PM CSN
Wed 7/3 @ Oakland 9:05 PM CSN+
Thur 7/4 @ Oakland 3:05 PM WGN
Fri 7/5 vs. Pittsburgh TBD CSN
Sat 7/6 vs. Pittsburgh 3:05 PM WGN
Sun 7/7 vs. Pittsburgh 1:20 PM WGN
Mon 7/8 OFF DAY
Tue 7/9 vs. LA Angels 7:05 PM CSN
Wed 7/10 vs. LA Angels 7:05 PM WGN
Thur 7/11 vs. St. Louis 7:05 PM CSN
Fri 7/12 vs. St. Louis TBD WGN
Sat 7/13 vs. St. Louis 6:15 PM FOX
Sun 7/14 vs. St. Louis 7:05 PM ESPN
7/15-18 ALL-STAR BREAK (New York – Citi Field)
Fri 7/19 @ Colorado 7:40 PM WGN
Sat 7/20 @ Colorado 7:10 PM WGN
Sun 7/21 @ Colorado 3:10 PM CSN
Mon 7/22 @ Arizona 8:40 PM CSN
Tue 7/23 @ Arizona 8:40 PM WGN
Wed 7/24 @ Arizona 8:40 PM CSN+
Thur 7/25 @ Arizona 8:40 PM WGN
Fri 7/26 @ SF Giants 9:15 PM WGN
Sat 7/27 @ SF Giants 8:05 PM CSN
Sun 7/28 @ SF Giants 3:05 PM WGN
Mon 7/29 vs. Milwaukee 7:05 PM CSN
Tue 7/30 vs. Milwaukee 7:05 PM CSN
Wed 7/31 vs. Milwaukee 7:05 PM WGN
Thur 8/1 vs. LA Dodgers 7:05 PM CSN
Fri 8/2 vs. LA Dodgers TBD WGN
Sat 8/3 vs. LA Dodgers 3:05 PM FOX
Sun 8/4 vs. LA Dodgers 1:20 PM WGN
Mon 8/5 OFF DAY
Tue 8/6 @ Philadelphia 6:05 PM CSN
Wed 8/7 @ Philadelphia 6:05 PM WCIU
Thur 8/8 @ Philadelphia 12:05 PM CSN
Fri 8/9 @ St. Louis 7:15 PM WGN
Sat 8/10 @ St. Louis 6:15 PM WGN
Sun 8/11 @ St. Louis 1:15 PM WGN
Mon 8/12 vs. Cincinnati 7:05 PM CSN+
Tue 8/13 vs. Cincinnati 7:05 PM CSN
Wed 8/14 vs. Cincinnati 1:20 PM WGN
Thur 8/15 OFF DAY
Fri 8/16 vs. St. Louis TBD CSN
Sat 8/17 vs. St. Louis 12:05 PM CSN
Sun 8/18 vs. St. Louis TBD WGN or ESPN
Mon 8/19 vs. Washington 7:05 PM CSN
Tue 8/20 vs. Washington 7:05 PM CSN
Wed 8/21 vs. Washington 7:05 PM WGN
Thur 8/22 vs. Washington 1:20 PM WGN
Fri 8/23 @ San Diego 9:10 PM CSN
Sat 8/24 @ San Diego 7:40 PM WGN
Sun 8/25 @ San Diego 3:10 PM WGN
Mon 8/26 @ LA Dodgers 9:10 PM CSN
Tue 8/27 @ LA Dodgers 9:10 PM WGN
Wed 8/28 @ LA Dodgers 2:10 PM CSN
Thur 8/29 OFF DAY
Fri 8/30 vs. Philadelphia 1:20 PM WGN
Sat 8/31 vs. Philadelphia 3:05 PM CSN
Sun 9/1 vs. Philadelphia TBD WGN or ESPN
Mon 9/2 vs. Miami 1:20 PM WGN
Tue 9/3 vs. Miami 7:05 PM CSN
Wed 9/4 vs. Miami 1:20 PM CSN
Thur 9/5 OFF DAY
Fri 9/6 vs. Milwaukee 1:20 PM WGN
Sat 9/7 vs. Milwaukee 12:05 PM FOX
Sun 9/8 vs. Milwaukee 1:20 PM WGN
Mon 9/9 @ Cincinnati 6:10 PM CSN+
Tue 9/10 @ Cincinnati 6:10 PM CSN
Wed 9/11 @ Cincinnati 11:35 AM WGN
Thur 9/12 @ Pittsburgh 6:05 PM WGN
Fri 9/13 @ Pittsburgh 6:05 PM CSN
Sat 9/14 @ Pittsburgh 6:05 PM CSN
Sun 9/15 @ Pittsburgh 12:35 PM WGN
Mon 9/16 @ Milwaukee 7:10 PM WGN
Tue 9/17 @ Milwaukee 7:10 PM CSN+
Wed 9/18 @ Milwaukee 7:10 PM CSN
Thur 9/19 @ Milwaukee 1:10 PM WGN
Fri 9/20 vs. Atlanta 1:20 PM CSN
Sat 9/21 vs. Atlanta 3:05 PM WGN
Sun 9/22 vs. Atlanta 1:20 PM WGN
Mon 9/23 vs. Pittsburgh 7:05 PM CSN
Tues 9/24 vs. Pittsburgh 7:05 PM CSN
Wed 9/25 vs. Pittsburgh 1:20 PM WGN
Thur 9/26 OFF DAY
Fri 9/27 @ St. Louis 7:15 PM CSN
Sat 9/28 @ St. Louis 6:15 PM WGN
Sun 9/29 @ St. Louis 1:15 PM CSN

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Some Spring Notes; Soler Still Hits the Ball Hard (Video), and Garza Has Mild Lat Strain

The talk of this Spring so far has been how impressed everyone has been with Jorge Soler, the man is a beast.  Physically imposing, and talent that awes, here’s a look at one of his BP sessions in Arizona via Bleacher Nation..

Garza InjuryThe other news isn’t so, well, great.  Matt Garza has looked “awesome” according to Sveum during early throwing sessions, that is the good news as Garza is coming back from a forearm/elbow injury that cut his 2012 season short, and probably kept him on the Cubs as it happened right around the trade deadline.  Well now the bad news, maybe bad is too harsh of a term but it’s hard not to notice when the possible opening day starter comes up lame.  Garza had his bullpen session cut short, but it was not his elbow (hooray) it’s a mild lat strain (boo) per the Cubs.  Hopefully this is the Cubs being overly protective, and I think it is.  Pitchers mechanics are fine tuned, if they mildly strain one thing they risk blowing out their elbow completely by changing their mechanics to compensate.  So Garza will rest it, and then get back at it, as I said hopefully this is just a bump in the road to his recovery and not a complete road block.

An update from Paul Sullivan at the Tribune – Garza will undergo an MRI in the next day or two for the injury, while not considered serious, it’s the type of injury that usually results in a DL stint, which means Garza won’t throw for a couple of weeks at least.  Worst case scenario, Garza misses the start of the 2013 season, which is a very real possibility, “We’re not going to rush this guy, that’s for sure,” Hoyer said.  Hopefully Garza bounces back quickly, and the elbow remains healthy.

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Campana Officially Gone, Traded to Diamondbacks

After getting an extensive scouting report from Bob Brenly, the Campana TradeDiamondbacks pulled the trigger and acquired Tony Campana today, I’m kidding….I think.  Today, one week after designating Tony Campana, the Cubs managed to trade him to the Diamondbacks for two 17-year-old pitching prospects.  I use the term prospects loosely as these kids have not pitched above rookie ball.  Erick Leal, and Jesus Castillo are the players the Cubs will receive in the deal, and considering the Cubs have no use for Campana it seems like a worthwhile return for him.  Best of luck to Tony Campana who now has an opportunity to battle for a position off the D-Backs bench, something that was not available to him this year with the Cubs.  I like Tony, the guy has had the odds against him his whole life, his size, and he also overcame Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  He required surgery at age 7 to remove a tumor, followed by eight months of chemotherapy — then 10 more years of checkups and tests until he was in remission long enough for doctors to declare him cured.  So battling for a position off the bench during spring training is nothing he can’t handle, best of luck Campy.

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