Cubs Shut Down Garza

There are many reasons that teams need starting pitching depth, this would be one of those reasons.  Matt Garza, the clear number one or two on the Cubs staff is being shut down by the Cubs because of his lingering lat injury.  Garza had been progressing nicely until Saturday when he was supposed to amp up the intensity in his throwing program.  Matt Garza ShockedWhen he did that, he didn’t feel right, and the Cubs pulled the plug.  The word out of Cubs camp is that Garza will be shut down for a week, and could miss up to a month which all but guarantees the right hander will start the 2013 season on the 15-day DL.  As expected, Garza, who wears his emotions on his sleeve, was none to happy about the setback, “He’s pretty down about it,” Sveum said. “He was obviously looking forward to it going well, and it didn’t go so well. He’s pretty down right now about it.”  To be clear, the injury hasn’t gotten worse, it just wont calm down enough for Garza to move forward.  “It’s just to the point where he’s just not ready to throw a baseball yet,” Sveum said. “It’s not torn or real bad. It’s just not quite ready to throw. It’s not a setback, it didn’t get worse, it’s just not ready — it’s like an evaluation process. Obviously, the evaluation was that he’s not ready to step up any extra intensity throwing.”  Hopefully this additional week of rest does a World of good for Garza and he’s able to return quickly, in the meantime the Cubs will lean on the pitching depth they built during the off-season.

Thanks for reading,
– George

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