Darwin Barney Out of Opener, Possibly Longer

Just when you thought spring training was over, and you no longer needed to worry about injuries before the regular season…BOOM!  BarneyIn a game that meant nothing against the Astros Darwin Barney made a diving attempt at a meaningless foul ball, and did his best Bill Mueller impersonation and slid into a meaningless wall, and sliced open his knee.  It was bad enough to require five stitches and is now out of the Cubs opening day lineup and depending on a doctor’s visit today, could be out even longer and require a DL visit.  Barney’s absence isn’t a huge hit to the lineup, but it is a ginormous hit to the defensive aspect of the Cubs game, as the defending gold glover will have to wait awhile to begin his defense (get it?), seems rather ridiculous that he was hurt when he probably shouldn’t have been playing, but hindsight is 20/20 I guess.  Well, that was worth it, eh Dale?  Brent Lillibridge will now get the start at second base on Monday in Pittsburgh, and will be in the same starting infield as Luis Valbuena.. sigh, here we go!

Thanks for reading,
– George

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