Jorge Soler Ejected Tonight, Early Reports are, um, Troubling (UPDATE) (Suspended 5 Games)

9-17 SolerIt’s twitter, and the news is vague and probably third hand at best, but Jorge Soler was ejected from the game tonight after a bench clearing “incident.”  From various reports I’m hearing that it involved Soler running at the opposing team’s dugout and swinging a bat at the dugout wall.  He wasn’t hit by a pitch or anything like that, speculation is that it stemmed from something the opposing teams second baseman said.  Obviously I will keep you posted with details as they emerge, but from all accounts there is a lengthy suspension coming for Soler, again, just speculation at this point..  Stay tuned, and I feel sorry for that dugout wall because Soler is a beast, and I can only imagine what he looks like pissed off.

Josh Timmers of Bleed Cubbie Blue has a solid description of what took place, but details are still sketchy..

“The incident occurred with the bases loaded and one out in the seventh inning and Daytona leading 9-7. Soler was on first base when Stephen Bruno hit a ground ball to shortstop. Soler went into second base and got tangled up with Clearwater second baseman Carlos Alonso, who completed the throw to first base for the inning-ending double play. Soler was apparently stepped on by Alonso and words were exchanged. Both benches cleared. No punches were thrown, however.

When everyone returned to the dugout, Soler grabbed a bat and charged the Clearwater dugout and went after Clearwater with the bat. He had to be pulled away and back into the dugout by Javier Baez and Daytona hitting coach Mariano Duncan. I initially reported that he had hit the walls of the dugout with the bat. That’s unclear at this time. He was apparently swinging it in that direction.”

Sounds like Soler didn’t hit anything with the bat, and it was more of a warning, but still not good, thanks to Josh for relaying the info, stay tuned for more details.

Here’s a link to the Daytona Recap after the game that sheds a bit more light on what happened. Doesn’t sound as serious or bad as originally thought. Soler Story

(UPDATE) Theo addressed the media before the game and said that Soler was extremely remorseful about what happened.  Apparently opposing player said something about Soler’s family and that set him off.  The Florida State League president issued a statement that because of Soler’s actions, being the instigator with the bat, he will be suspended five games.  Deserved, and could have been much worse.  Epstein said Soler will accept his punishment and regrets what happened.

Thanks for reading,
– George

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