With Garza returning Cubs DFA Bowden

Garza for Bowden

Many thought that Shawn Camp would be DFA’d when Garza returned, but it’s Michael Bowden who has been sent packing.  I suppose this makes sense as Dale Sveum loves Camp despite Camp’s horrible 2013 campaign and recently gave him a vote of confidence signaling that the Cubs were going to be patient with him.  Based on performance, the guy who should be going is Camp because Bowden has at least shown the ability to get guys out, while Camp hasn’t.  Now if Camp can regain his 2012 form then the Cubs pen becomes something to reckon with, but if he continues to flounder things could get messy, even more than now.  I’ll keep you posted on what happens to Bowden, wouldn’t be surprised to see him end up elsewhere.

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2 thoughts on “With Garza returning Cubs DFA Bowden”

  1. This makes absolutely no sense to me. What about Rondon? I could list three other guys that should have been let go. Not Bowden.

  2. Rondon has pitched well enough, plus he is a Rule 5 guy, the Cubs have to keep him on their 25 man active roster this year. They could have put him on the DL to open a spot for Garza, that would have given the team time to make up their mind. The obvious choice to me is Shawn Camp, his arm seems dead, and has shown nothing this year, he was okay last year, but remember the Cubs only got him because he was cut from another team. So I think Camp should have went instead of Bowden, but I don’t make the decisions. The decision is a curious one in my opinion.

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