Garza has issues with Cueto’s behavior, issues “warning”

Johnny Cueto wasn’t particularly thrilled with David DeJesus in the first inning of today’s game.  DeJesus did what he always does, same routine every at bat, every pitch, but Johnny Cueto is apparently special, and doesn’t have time for it as he threw his best playground tantrum on the mound.  Throwing his arms up in the air, putting his hands on his hips and staring down DeJesus, so much so that Bob Davidson the home plate umpire had to tell him to calm down.  Garza 5-26No one thought much of that until a later DeJesus at bat where Johnny Cueto threw a fastball over DeJesus’ head and all the way to the back stop, when Davidson realized that Cueto didn’t make a mistake he warned him and both benches.  I thought that would be the end of it, but Matt Garza, a guy who rarely hides what he truly feels, let everyone know what he thought about it.

Via Paul Sullivan

“It’s kind of b.s. on his part, just totally immature,” Garza said. “If he has something to say about it, he knows where to find my locker and definitely I’ll find his. I took total disrespect out of that one.”  

“Cueto should learn, you don’t go after guys’ heads,” Garza said. “Don’t wake a sleeping dog. I think that’s kind of immature on his part and totally uncalled for. He’s lucky retaliation isn’t in our vocabulary here.”  

“If Cueto has any problem, he can throw at me and I’ll definitely return the favor,” he said. “I didn’t like that one bit. We don’t retaliate. We just take it game by game and try to better ourselves. Hopefully he learns to grow the hell up. … You’re up 4-0. Grow up. I hope he hears this because I really don’t care.”   

“I don’t know what the deal is between him and (DeJesus), but he needs to cut it out because I’ll stop it,” he said. “And that’s just the way it goes. If he wants to do it like that, then so be it. … This could be a warning. This could be just nonsense. However he takes it. But I don’t like (it when) the game was played that way.

“You don’t throw with intent and try to hit someone. Hopefully the league looks at that. I don’t want him to get suspended or anything. I just want him to learn a lesson. Hopefully his (teammates) will warn him and say ‘Hey, take a look at this.’

“But it is what it is. They run their own show. We run our show, and we’ll see them again in a month.”

Interesting.  So, maybe things will get a little more intense than usual the next time these two teams meet, and I’m not surprised in the least.  The Cubs aren’t the onlyJohnny Cueto team that hates the Reds, it probably has a lot to do with the way they handle themselves on and off the field, just ask the Cardinals, or ask Brandon Phillips about the Gold Glove last year.  Not really sure how I feel about the comments from Garza, I mean I expect him to say stuff like this, but I guess I would be more fired up about it if the Cubs were within a game or two of the Reds.  Regardless, he does have a point if Cueto was throwing over the head of DeJesus on purpose, you don’t do that, especially when DeJesus didn’t do anything wrong, Johnny Cueto just deserves another level of respect from other ball clubs I guess, but he doesn’t owe anyone any, that makes perfect sense.

Here is a link to a video of Garza’s postgame via Paul Sullivan as well.

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