May 30, 2013 – White Sox @ Cubs; Lineups

Would this be a sweep?  A three game sweep, a two game sweep?  Who cares, just beat the Sox again.  The Cubs look for their fourth straight victory and third straight over the Sox this afternoon as Travis Wood takes on Jake Peavy.  Can’t stand Peavy, would really enjoy six runs in the first.   There is a chance for scattered storms again today, but it looks like tonight and tomorrow should see the bulk of it so this one should get in uninterrupted.  Here are the lineups.


1.  DeJesus – CF
2.  Castro – SS
3.  Rizzo – 1B
4.  Soriano – LF
5.  Schierholtz – RF
6.  Castillo – C
7.  Valbuena – 3B
8.  Barney – 2B
9.  Wood – P


1.  De Aza – CF
2.  Ramirez – SS
3.  Rios – RF
4.  Konerko – 1B
5.  Viciedo – LF
6.  Gillaspie – 3B
7.  Keppinger – 2B
8.  Flowers – C
9.  Peavy – P

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