Jonathan Gray tests positive for adderall per report

Of course the draft would get more interesting just three days before its set to begin.  My draft preview is coming up but this news has to be shared.  The prevailing thought is the Cubs could be deciding between Mark Appel and Jonathan Gray, so the news today of Gray testing positive for an MLB banned substance could alter the Cubs choice.  The substance?  Adderall.  Commonly used to treat AD/HD, it is also a stimulant, which is why it appears on the banned list.  Some people need it, so Major League baseball allows the use of adderall with a prescription, something Gray doesn’t have.  So this calls into question character issues possibly, something the Cubs pay very close attention to, but I caution everyone reading this, let’s get ALL the details first.  If it comes out that he is using it as a recreational drug then sure you can question his choices, but by no means is this a black mark on his yet to begin career.  It is horrible timing for Gray however as the discussion surrounding him and the draft will now include the positive test and not just how promising his career could be, and what a memorable night the draft will be, but I suppose he brought this on himself.  In my opinion if Gray is the guy the Cubs want and he is there at two the Cubs still take him, I don’t think they are, but it is something else to think about.

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