June 4, 2013 – Cubs @ Angels; Lineups!

Time to forget the last two games against the Diamondbacks, honestly, forget them, yuck.  The Cubs start a brief two game series against the Angels tonight in Anaheim.  Typically this would be a tough match up, and probably will, but the Angels have under performed this year, and are coming off a four game sweep at the hands of the Astros……the Astros.  Scott Feldman gets the ball for the Cubs tonight, he will be opposed by Jered Weaver of the Angels, first pitch scheduled for 9:05 PM CST.  Here are the lineups, you’ll notice a change as Castro has been dropped to seventh in the order.


1.  DeJesus – CF
2.  Valbuena – 3B
3.  Rizzo – 1B
4.  Soriano – DH
5.  Schierholtz – RF
6.  Sweeney – LF
7.  Castro – SS
8.  Castillo – C
9.  Barney – 2B


1.  Aybar – SS
2.  Trout – CF
3.  Pujols – 1B
4.  Trumbo – DH
5.  Hamilton – RF
6.  Kendrick – 2B
7.  Callaspo – 3B
8.  Iannetta – C
9.  Shuck – LF

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