Cubs Season Over; Is Sveum Gone?

Another season is in the books, one that for the most part we would all like to forget, again.  Those of us that have bought in to the rebuilding plan that Theo and company have put into place expected this, still, it really isn’t a lot of fun to sit through 95+ losses.  The common theme since the beginning of the rebuilding process MLB: Chicago Cubs at San Francisco Giantshas been “is Dale Sveum the right man for the job?”  Well, everything that the front office has said up until the last month or so has been yes, Sveum is the right guy and he can’t be truly judged on wins and losses given this roster.  The tune has changed in the last month, as now I’m thinking that Sveum has a better chance of being unemployed come Monday than he does opening the season with the Cubs in Pittsburgh next April.  So, what has changed?

I think above all else Theo and the front office know what guy they want to lead the Cubs as they slowly start to gain traction, and win games on a more regular basis.  I don’t think that guy is Dale Sveum, one reason for that I think is the stalled development of Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro this year.  Not saying that Sveum is completely to blame for this, but he shares the blame as do Rizzo and Castro.  Others have questioned his use of the bullpen, again not really sure how clear-cut that argument is given the choices out there.  The other reason is that I think the guy the Cubs want running the show is now available, well maybe, hello Joe Girardi.

Via an ESPN article today

“I haven’t really made up my mind,” Girardi said during his nearly 30-minute state-of-the-season news conference before the Yankees’ final game against the Houston Astros.

Girardi, who turns 49 next month, said he’ll make his decision after consulting with his wife and three children, who are 14, 11 and 7.

Of course this doesn’t mean that Girardi has made up his mind yet, but I get a feeling that he is ready to move elsewhere in his managing career.  There is a fit in Chicago for Girardi, but Girardi is quick to explain that he has moved on from Chicago with his family and is happy in New York.  GirardiTo me, there is too much smoke here for there not to be a fire, I would not be surprised to see Sveum canned tomorrow, and Girardi introduced shortly thereafter during this off-season as the next Cubs manager.  If Girardi decides to stay in New York I still expect the Cubs to part ways with Sveum, I think the organization is taking a chance here, but I also think it is a necessary one to take at this point in the process.  Brad Ausmus has been also rumored to be on a short list to take over the Cubs, but that is all speculation at this point as well.  A change to Ausmus doesn’t make as much sense here as I don’t think you would really be “upgrading” with that move.  Stay tuned tomorrow to see what will happen, I’m sure it will be an interesting day.

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