Bryant Debuts in Iowa With a Blast! (Updated with VIDEO)

Kris Bryant made the wait for the Iowa Cubs game today well worth it.  After a lengthy rain delay, and three empty at bats from Bryant, he delivered.  After falling behind 0-2 in the count, Bryant worked it full and drove the next pitch over the right field wall for his first AAA home run.

The kid is special, the fans in Tennessee learned that quickly, now the fans in Iowa will figure it out, then… well, Chicago.

Here are a couple videos of the HR…

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2 thoughts on “Bryant Debuts in Iowa With a Blast! (Updated with VIDEO)”

  1. Theo is trying not to rush this kid up and place too much pressure on Him…here’s my opinion: If and when a prospect begins to not only live up to expectations of the organization that drafted him but begins to EXCEED them…the pressure has already been issued by the player delivering such numbers. In this case, Bryant seems more then capable of hitting professional pitching. It shouldn’t be ANY ADDED pressure if he were to be called up to Chicago. This kid can flat out rake!!!!! He understands what is at stake here, and up to this point has proven himself ready. So what’s the hold up all about?!?!?! Theo, we trust in your managing skills as you have stocked the farm and brought back hope to CubsNation…give us some energy pal!!!!! Since the middle of May we have played Very Good baseball- tops in the NL to be more blunt… Get these young guys up and let’s chase championships!!!!! GoCubsGo

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