Cubs Relieve Renteria From His Duties (Read: He was fired)

Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago Cubs

  Finally, after days of speculation it seems as though the Cubs are ready to make the Joe Maddon hire official.  In doing so, they have to clear a spot for him, and they did that just now, as Rick Renteria has been fired.  Here is a link to the full statement from the Cubs (Renteria let go), tons of solid quotes in there from Theo regarding the process of firing a manager that really didn’t deserve it.  Bottom line is that Joe Maddon is better suited to see this ballclub into it’s competitive years, and that’s not a knock on Ricky Renteria, it is what it is.  Renteria was given the option to take on another role with the Cubs, but I doubt that he will remain in the organization as, well, you know, awkward.  The Maddon news should be official shortly, and I’m beyond pumped as I have wanted Joe Maddon leading this team since Theo, and Jed took over, he seems like the perfect fit for a team that is ready to explode onto the scene, and become relevant once again, or maybe for the first time.

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