Kris Bryant Takes Aim at the Video Board (VIDEO)

Bryant Dinger


Loud noises!  With the Cubs trailing 2-1 in the 8th, Kris Bryant absolutely crushed a 3-2 pitch off the video board in left field.  That had to be the farthest home run of the season, it was bound to happen, and man that was fun.


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Javier Baez with a Monster Shot (VIDEO)

Baez Dinger

Javier Baez is on a roll right now, he hit two home runs yesterday and has his average North of .320 for the Iowa Cubs.  Here is video of his second dinger, he’s also taking more pitches, earning walks, the improvement is real.

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Almora and Rademacher in a Scary Collision (VIDEO)

Mentioned it yesterday on twitter, here’s the video.  Bijan Rademacher, and Albert Almora smacked into each other yesterday, it was bad enough that both players had to leave the game.

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The Cubs Walk Off, it’s Hilarious (VIDEO)

“Un-freaking-believable” … sounds about right.  If you missed the Cubs game this afternoon then you missed an instant classic.  Huge leads by the Cubs evaporated, Gregory Polanco forget how to stand up straight, it was madness.  If you haven’t seen the video yet I’ve included it below, said video has both home and away reaction, just wow.

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LOL, Bye. Rizzo Crushes a Monster Shot (VIDEO)


Anthony Rizzo took a 2-0 fastball and beat the living crap out of it, that’s what you do with a 2-0 fastball.  The Cubs have extended their lead to 7-1 against the Pirates as the game moves to the sixth inning.

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