PECOTA 2016: Where are the Cubs?

Happy PECOTA Day!  First, here is a definition of what PECOTA actually is, because not everyone knows.

PECOTA, an acronym for Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithm, is a sabermetric system for forecasting Major League Baseball player performance.

Such an exciting day each year, as long as you like diving into the numbers that this system spits out.  I for one love looking at these numbers, and historically they provide a rather calculated (get it?) glimpse into the upcoming season.  I put more weight into these projections than say, USA Today projections, which came out yesterday and had the Cubs winning 101 games in 2016.

Head on over to for a ton of information like this, and make sure you subscribe!


There you have it, PECOTA has the Cubs projected to win the Central Division with a record of 92-70.  I will dive into these numbers a little more throughout the day, enjoy your first look.


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