Kyle Schwarber: Soul Crusher (VIDEO) (Parental Advisory)

The funny thing is, StatCast didn’t actually add those graphics to the baseball, that’s how it looked off the bat of Kyle Schwarber.  Dude is on fire, not literally of course, but wow, just an amazing showing from such a young guy on a huge stage.

Nameplate 1

Six is Good. The Cubs, and the NLDS Dingerpalooza (VIDEO)

Soler Dinger

Just watch the video, that’s it, I’m spent.  The Cubs are up 2-1 over the Cardinals in the best of five NLDS, and can close it out tomorrow at Wrigley.

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Javier Baez with the Exclamation Point (VIDEO)

I’m enjoying Javier Baez right now, refined (as much as possible, I think) approach, better setup at the plate, but still squaring the baseball up.  Baez had three hits today, also drew a walk with the bases loaded, and one of those hits left the ballpark.  It was an 0-2 mistake, and Baez just mashed it.

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Anthony Rizzo Slams the D-Backs (VIDEO)

A refreshing blow out win this afternoon at Wrigley for the Cubs, and Anthony Rizzo played a ginormous role.  After having a drive fall short earlier in the game, he made sure to get all of this one, such a sweet noise.  Grand slams are fun, so is winning.


Jake Arrieta Finishes Off the No-Hitter (VIDEO, WBBM CALL)

Arrieta FIRE

We knew this was coming, even Len Kasper joked about it at the Cubs convention this off season.  It was a matter of when, not if this would happen, and “when” was last night in Los Angeles.  Enjoy the Pat Hughes call below, what a night for Jake Arrieta.